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Shipyard Bijela

Adriatic Shipyard Bijela

Since its foundation in 1927, “Adriatic Shipyard Bijela” has undergone various development and production project stages. The long-standing tradition in ship repairs and shipbuilding, along with highly qualified staff and the latest technological equipment, guarantee successful performance of any ship repair operation, being the primary activity, and any other subsidiary operation including various steel welded constructions.

Adriatic Shipyard Bijela” disposes of:

  • Two steel floating docks:
    • Dock 6: 100000 KN (10000 t) lifting capacity, inside free span 25,5 m with two 70/50 KN cranes.
    • Dock 12: 330000 KN (33000 t) lifting capacity, inside free span 44,0 m with two 120 KN cranes.
  • Wharf of 1300 m total length, with distribution of all types of energy supply and five portal cranes of 250 KN x 4 and 100 KN x 1 lifting capacity.
  • “Adriatic Shipyard Bijela” covers the total area of 120 000 sq.m.
  • ASY BijelaEnclosed workshops of 14 000 sq.m. total area comprised of the following divisions within the company’s organizational structure:
    • Ship mechanics and machining
    • Electro-mechanical
    • Locksmith-piping
    • Steel constructions
    • Anticorrosive protection
    • Maintenance and energetic
  • Workshops are connected to all energy supplies and equipped with 14 bridge cranes of 25-400 KN lifting capacity.
  • Outdoor working platforms, total 4600 sq.m., are connected to all energy supplies and equipped with 250 KN x 2 portal cranes and 80-500 KN x 3 auto-cranes.
  • All operating areas, wharves and docks are equipped with distribution systems for energy supply.
  • Production divisions are equipped with the latest equipment, which enables performance of any type of ship repair activity:

Ship mechanics and machining division with its technical facilities and sufficient premises area provide basis for the repairs of any part of main and auxiliary vessel engines, pumps and other gears and mechanisms. With regard to machining, it includes stern-tube bearing and rudder machining on spot and shafts machining utilizing a digitally controlled “Skoda” lathe with a 12 m points span and 45 tons shaft weight.

Electro-mechanical division, besides all types of electrical installations, deals with the repairs of main distribution board and any type and size of electromotor including rewinding, varnishing and drying, testing generators load and megger- testing.

Locksmith-piping division undertakes any type of locksmith and piping work including any pipe diameter and material along with boiler pipes replacement.

Steel construction division repairs steel constructions of vessel’s hull in an efficient and effective way, complying with the procedures approved by ISO Standard and Classification Societies for joints welding and testing.

Anticorrosive protection division effectively prepares the areas (sandblasting to SA 2,5) supervising the application of contemporary paints supplied to the Yard by "Hempel Marine", "Paint International" and "Jotun Marine" paints.

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